The Average Cost of Divorce in Georgia

If you are going to get divorced in the Peach State, then you probably are wondering how much money you will need to complete a divorce process. The sum you need may vary on a county-by-county basis and depends on various factors.

Divorce Prices in Georgia

The prices vary from county to county and depend primarily on the complexity of a particular case. An average case in The Peach State costs as much as $14,700, almost 80 percent of which is Georgia divorce attorneys fees. However, they make up a significant portion of the total costs, mainly because most lawyers charge an hourly rate instead of fixed fees, which usually starts at $280.

While divorcing spouses may decide to go without an attorney-in-law to eliminate added expenses, they cannot avoid paying divorce court fees, including divorce filing fees, service fees, etc. In GA, court costs amount to $250 on average and may vary from one county to another. It also should be mentioned that some couples may also want to hire other experts like mediators, divorce coaches, and financial analysts which will only add to the cost of their case. Couples who have minor kids or much marital property pay a higher cost than the mentioned one. The same thing goes for spouses involved in cases based on fault, such as infidelity, domestic violence, abandonment, etc.
Cost of Divorce in Atlanta

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

By filing for divorce in Georgia without a lawyer you can avoid additional legal costs. In this case, $250 is everything you will have to pay to submit your packet with the court. Getting an online divorce can save you the trouble of filling out your forms yourself. There are many websites selling prepared divorce forms. If you go this way, then be ready to pay from $150 to $1000 additionally, depending on the website you land. For instance, GAOnlineDivorce charges a flat fee for an uncontested divorce in Georgia and offers a full divorce packet only for $139, which is one of the lowest prices on the Web.

Nevertheless, far not all couples who are going to have an amicable divorce can resolve their disputes without legal help. In that case, they need to retain a lawyer and pay him or her from $50 to $700 per hour, which will add from $500 to $1000 to their divorce-related costs, depending on how many unresolved issues they have.

Cost of Contested Divorce in GA

Cost of Divorce in Atlanta
There are a few court fees that are charged in all cases without any exception, such as filing and service fees. While uncontested cases may come with no additional expenses, contested ones are associated with extra costs, mainly because they come with more filings and court appearances, as well as the need for hiring different professionals, such as lawyers, counselors, financial experts, etc.

For example, the average cost of divorce in GA with a child involved amounts to $22,000. Cases involving spousal support disputes cost up to $20,300 on average, while divorces, when marital property is divided in court, cost an average of $20,700. Spouses who have much marital property but don’t feel like splitting assets in divorce themselves peacefully pay more than others mainly because they need to retain lawyers, tax experts, financial analysts, and many more professionals. In this case, they will have to pay approximately $37,500.

It is worth mentioning, that these costs are significantly lower for couples who are willing to cooperate and thus can reach an agreement without long-lasting court battles. So, handling child custody, alimony, and property division in divorce may cost a lot of money, particularly when spouses fail to resolve their issues out of court.

How much does divorce in Atlanta Cost?

When getting ready for an Atlanta uncontested divorce, divorcing couples are supposed to prepare different forms depending on whether they have minor kids or not. Their local court provides all the necessary forms, including papers required for those with and without minors. Packets with the needed forms can be either downloaded from their website or picked up in person; however, in that case, a two-dollar fee must be paid. The forms are not filled out, and thus some paperwork is required.

Once the forms are filled out, they must be submitted with the court. To file the documentation, you must pay a relevant fee of $220 and to have them served to another party, a $50 service fee must be paid, too. In Atlanta, those with kids are also supposed to attend a specific seminar that usually takes 4 hours to complete, and it’s in-person and online version comes with a price tag of $30 and $50 respectively. And, for the record, divorce lawyers in Atlanta may charge up to $750 per hour.