Georgia Child Support Worksheet PDF

Georgia Child Support Worksheet PDF

Child support worksheet is an important document that the court refers to while making a decision on the amount one parent will pay the other one for the needs of their children. There are multiple factors that the final sum will depend on, and spouses should know about them before filling out the worksheet.

What is a Child Support Worksheet?

It is a document that helps the judge to determine support obligation for each of the parents involved in the divorce proceedings. The form includes the presumptive sum of obligation according to GA laws.

However, the couple has an opportunity to agree on the amount of Georgia child support payment and present the adjusted document with the figures which are deemed more suitable for all parties to the case. The judge will approve the suggested form only if it is in the best interests of the kid.

How to Fill Out Child Support Worksheet?

There are a few stages to filling out the Georgia Child Support Worksheet:
  • Provide basic information.
  • Include personal information about you, your ex, your kid, and your case. You will have to mention the full names and dates of birth of all the parties involved.
  • List your and your ex-spouse’s gross monthly income.
  • According to O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15(f), gross monthly income is any earned and unearned income, such as that from winnings and prizes. It includes salaries, fees and tips, commissions, military pensions, self-employment earnings, retirement account payments, disability payments, investment gains, and other sources of income.
  • Determine all the child-related expenses.
  • They include healthcare, education, health insurance etc. If there are any work-related childcare costs, you should also include them in the document. This information is essential for adjusting the final amount.
  • Add deviations, if any.
  • These are any serious circumstances that can affect the amount of child support obligation. Due to them, you may request either an increase or a decrease in the sum of child support payments. Not all deviations will be deemed a substantial reason for the change in the sum.
  • Complete the Findings of Fact section if you have listed any deviations.
  • Here, you will need to justify a request to deviate from the calculated amount. You should also state whether these deviations would serve the best interests of the kid and affect the ability of a custodial parent to meet his or her basic needs.
As soon as all the sections are filled out correctly, and all the calculations are made, you may print your Child Support Worksheet.

Download Child Support Worksheet

All child support forms are available for free download on the official website of “The Division of Child Support Services” by link: .

You can get GA child support worksheet here:

You can also download Georgia child support table:

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