How to File For Divorce in GA

Top Prompts on How to File for Divorce in GA

Getting dissolution of marriage in Georgia is often a complicated process with lots of hidden obstacles. How to file for divorce in Georgia? Is it possible to get a legal breakup without a lawyer? How much does a divorce cost in Georgia? What are the best ways to reduce your divorce cost in GA? In this article, you will find the best tips on how to get a divorce in GA, offered by experienced professionals in the divorce field.

How to Get a Divorce in Georgia?

The most necessary thing you should know before taking any steps to file for divorce in Georgia is the type of dissolution of marriage you will have. The truth is that the kind of legal breakup has the most significant impact on the divorce costs GA and the process of filing papers. So, what are the two types of dissolution of marriage?

  • Contested divorce. This type of legal breakup is used by spouses, who need to solve various issues during their process of dissolution of marriage. For example, in case spouses have different views on how to divide their property or certain misunderstandings about taking care of kids, they will require some legal help from the lawyers. This type of divorce is usually complicated and extremely expensive.
  • Uncontested divorce. How to file for divorce in Georgia without a lawyer? You will need to have an uncontested dissolution of marriage. In this case, you have no disputable questions with your spouse, as well as both of you have a similar vision on the overall process of the legal breakup. First, this will allow you to get a dissolution of marriage within the shortest terms. Second, your divorce cost in Georgia will be significantly lower compared to a contested divorce. Third, you will get an opportunity to get an online divorce with almost no efforts. 

How to Get a Divorce in Georgia Uncontested?

How to get a divorce in Georgia without a lawyer? It is really easy. With the help of the most reliable service of dissolution of marriage online, you are able to collect all your divorce papers in less than half an hour with no need to have a consultation of the local lawyer.

How to file for uncontested divorce in GA? Just sign up on our website, fill out a simple questionnaire and receive all the required documents for your personal divorce case right to your email. Our dedicated managers carefully analyze each application and choose the documents that will perfectly suit the divorce case of the client. With the individual approach, we are able to provide the best service for online dissolution of marriage in the state. We guarantee that all the papers, provided by our company will be accepted by the state’s court. Moreover, each our customer receives a free guide on how to fill out each paper from the personal divorce kit.

How Much Is a Divorce in GA?

How much does a divorce cost in GA? Can I reduce divorce costs Georgia? These are the most common questions of thousands of spouses who are getting through divorce.

According to the state’s laws, the Georgia divorce filing fee is $225. Furthermore, your cost to file for divorce in GA will also include special fees, provided by the county.

As for the uncontested dissolution of marriage, the average cost of divorce in GA is about $12,000. If you are planning to have a contested legal breakup, your cost of divorce in Georgia can reach up to $20,000. However, there is a great solution that is developed to help spouses reduce their divorce in Georgia cost and save thousands of dollars. This solution is allowed by the state’s laws and is available for all the spouses in Georgia.

Online dissolution if marriage is designed for spouses, who are looking for uncontested divorces and who value their time and money. The service is completely understandable and has fair pricing that will help you reduce the cost of divorce in GA easily.

What’s the secret? With the help of the legal breakup online provider, you are able to collect all the needed forms for your divorce without the lawyer’s assistance. With no need to pay the local lawyer, you get an opportunity to make your divorce in GA cost much cheaper.

Moreover, you will also save plenty of time since the entire process of preparing the documents for your dissolution of marriage is made online. You will not got stuck for hours in the traffic, visit the crowded offices of the local lawyer or take an extra day off to have the legal consultation – most lawyers are available only during business hours. Just take a cup of tea, fill out the questionnaire and get all the documents to your email in less than 30 minutes!

How Long Does a Divorce Take in GA?

Is it true that the divorce process usually lasts for several months? How long does it take to get an uncontested divorce in Georgia? These are the other important questions most spouses ask when it comes to filing for divorce.

The answer to this question depends on how quickly you are able to collect your divorce documents. The sooner you prepare and file your papers for dissolution of marriage, the sooner your divorce will be finalized. According to Georgia laws, the process of legal breakup can’t take less than 31 days after a successful filing. As a rule, the uncontested dissolution of marriage is completed within 60 days after filing the papers. The time required for completing the contested divorce in Georgia usually varies from 45 days to 3 years depending on the number of issues to be solved between the spouses.

Generally, the toughest thing during the process of dissolution of marriage is collecting and filling out the required papers for dissolution of marriage. There are dozens of various forms and papers you will need to prepare, which is usually difficult for people without any legal knowledge. However, our divorce service with 12+ years of experience is always ready to give you a helping hand with collecting all the needed divorce documents.